Everyone and anyone can benefit from semi-permanent makeup procedure because semi-permanent makeup does not smudge from water or sweat like regular makeup.  With traditional permanent makeup, technician deposits color pigments into dermal layer (deeper) of the skin; semi-permanent makeup only into the epidermal layer. With this new technique, semi-permanent makeup will naturally fade away in 1year while your skin regenerates over time.

1. You may wash your face after 2 hours of post-procedure. We highly recommend you do not use soap or cleanser around treated area on the first day. Please wash only with water and do not use excessive force while cleansing  your face.
2. You may start applying makeup on treated area from the following day.  You may start using cleanser,  but please be cautious for 3-4 days after treatment.
3. Please refrain from any activity that will make you sweat such as drinking alcoholic beverage, spa, or strenuous exercise for 7-10 days.

After 3-7 days, you will notice 10-50% of fading depending on the type of treatment you received.  This is perfectly normal for and fading depends on your skin type. This is the reason why we highly recommend a perfecting session 1 month after the 1st procedure.
At the perfecting session procedure, we will fill in bald spots, uneven shape or tone, or thinning lines.  Please schedule your perfecting session 1-2 weeks before desired date.

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We have a 24 hours cancellation policy. 

There is an $100 (non-refundable) deposit when you schedule for

a semi permanent makeup appointment.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.

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