You may experience more swollen and tender eyelids the day after procedure.  Depending on your skin type, this may last anywhere from 1-­3 days.  You may wash your face 2 hours after treatment, but be sure not to rub your eyes or pick off any pigment residue in whites of your eyes as this can cause infection.
Please take anti-inflammatory medicine after treatment, such as Motrin. (Please refer to dosing information provided with your particular medication.) If you are already on any other medication, please refer to your pharmacist or doctor for any contraindication.
Eyeliner will start to fade after 3­-4 days, do not try to rub or peel off “rolling” pigment; color will fade naturally in a few days. You will also notice that eyeliner appears to be thinner and lighter especially on waterline.  Don’t worry if you notice slight unevenness in tone, thickness, and length of your eyeliner, because all these will be corrected at the perfecting session. We highly recommend a perfecting session 3­-4 weeks after your initial treatment.
Touch up procedure is much easier than initial procedure with less swelling post procedure.  If you are worried about swelling after your 1st treatment, please note that there is usually only about 1/10 of swelling after 2nd session as compared to 1st treatment.
You may start applying eye makeup on the following day, but we strongly recommend you wait 2­-3 days before doing so. Please note that you must contact lenses contacts at the time of procedure, however, you may put them back on after your treatment.

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We have a 24 hours cancellation policy. 

There is an $100 (non-refundable) deposit when you schedule for

a semi permanent makeup appointment.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.

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